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Horse logging & forestry – London Tree Surgeons

Horse logging & forestry. Horse logging still has a place in the UK where using machinery will damage the woodland. Horse logging is the removal of felled timber using horses. Horse-logging, or snigging, has grown very popular in recent years and for good reason: using horses in woodlands is traditional, eco-friendly and the horses can […]


Tree of the Month – June – Gorse – Ulex

Trees & Shrubs – Flowering Trees & Shrubs – Gorse / Ulex Tree of the Month – June – Gorse – Ulex Evergreen, thorny, flowering shrub or bush. Native species include. Ulex europaeus (common gorse): 2.5m, evergreen, good on poor soil Ulex gallii (western gorse): 2m, evergreen, thrives in sandy, acid soil Gorse, common gorse, […]

Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko

Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko

Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko Trees & Shrubs – Flowering Trees & Shrubs – Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko Prunus ‘Umineko’ is a cultivar of Prunus incisa or Fuji cherry crossed with Prunus speciosa or the Oshima cherry. Featured as a street tree in Haringey London. The young examples here look tidy and uniform, well suited as […]

Lawson’s cypresss – Chamaecyparis lawsoniana – foliage detail

Tree Pollen Calendar – UK

Tree pollen calendar, showing pollen release periods for commonly found trees in the UK. Including; Hazel, Yew, Alder, Elm, Willow, Poplar, Birch, Ash, Plane, Oak, Pine and Lime. Also weed pollen and grass pollen release periods and peak release periods. Different types of pollen are released throughout the year which can generate hay fever and other […]