What is agroforestry?

Agroforestry is non monoculture agriculture and is a more efficient farming method with improved biodiversity particularly of pollinators. Compatible with rewilding and permaculture gardening.

Silvoarable systems – trees with crops (arable agricultural or horticultural crops are grown with a long-term tree or forestry crop)

Silvopastoral systems – trees with animals (combining forestry and grazing of domesticated animals)

In it’s most diverse Agro-Silva-Pastoral system – trees crops and animals together (combines forestry, crops and animals in an integrated system ecosystem)

In its simplest form lines of trees are planted in fields. The trees are spaced to allow farming equipment access to the rows with the planting spaced to fit the machinery. The loss of the primary crop yield is more than made up for by the second crop. Improved biodiversity and crop disease and pests reduced compared with monoculture.

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