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Wildlife gardening. Wildlife habitats or homes for nature. Nesting boxes and ponds, deadwood piles and insect and bug hotels. Hedgehog highways and trees and plants for pollinators.

Insect and bug house clearance

One of the logs mentioned in The Bug Quarter has finally succumbed to being rendered useless partly due to decomposition. This housing block in the Log Quarter has been home to solitary bees and wasps for the past few years and they are now being forcibly evicted by either the council foxes or youths with nothing better to do. Admittedly the log has seen better days – a rather shabby exterior full of holes, cracked bark, and fungus graffitied along the damp ground-floor walls. The interior is a brittle honeycomb of tunnels between the lignin, and filled with sawdust echoing their use as nurseries and still ringing with the distant sounds of buzzing gone by. The structure is just not safe. And no, an estate agent certainly wouldn’t recommend buying this log, not even as a fixer-upper.Source: House clearance Deadwood wildlife habitats
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Little things – part of the big picture

Amazing miniature ‘beetle cottages’ have had their first success! This story and more from Buglife

‘Extinct’ insect rediscovered in Edinburgh

‎18 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎09:41:02 | vanessa.amaral-rogers
Bordered brown lacewing (Megalomus hirtus) (c) Mike Smith
The Bordered brown lacewing (Megalomus hirtus) has been rediscovered on Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh after having not been seen for over 30 years, and feared to be extinct in the UK. The last record was from Edinburgh in 1982. The new specimen was found by Mike Smith, an intern with Buglife as part of a project supported by the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (PTES). Mike Smith, Buglife intern said “Finding the lacewing has been a really exciting start to my project and now we know that it’s not extinct, we can start learning more...

Free wood for wildlife habitats.

LondonTreeSurgeons have free dead-wood ideal for wildlife habitats and garden features available over the next few weeks. North west London. contact us for details. Follow us on social media for the latest free wood, wood-chip and logs as it becomes available in your area. DM us and let us know what area you are in....