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Wildlife gardening. Wildlife habitats or homes for nature. Nesting boxes and ponds, deadwood piles and insect and bug hotels. Hedgehog highways and trees and plants for pollinators.

New video for butterflies and moths.

New video uploaded to environment and the big picture playlist. An appeal for butterflies and moths. Match Pot appeals in the past have been used to successfully conserve some of our most threatened species. The initiative can secure a 10 times uplift on individual donations from the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). Every pound you donate has the potential to unlock £10 of funding from the LCF. This provides vital funding for landscape-scale conservation projects. ...

Volunteers wanted: Help maintain the borough’s fantastic Community Kitchen Gardens

Help maintain the borough’s fantastic Community Kitchen Gardens

Did you know there are over 65 community kitchen gardens in Kensington and Chelsea? Growing from the initial development of 10 in 2010, the gardens have become local hubs for neighbours and growers across The Royal Borough to come together. To continue the growth of the gardens, and to keep the large sites looking tip-top, the Kitchen Gardens Team are looking for people who would like to help out, build up their gardening knowledge and meet fellow green-fingered residents. The Team are looking for volunteers in the following roles: Weeding and pruning, general garden tidying and tool maintenance, greenhouse work, compost turning, planting and/or supporting events across Kensington and Chelsea. Source: Volunteers wanted: Help mantain the borough’s fantastic Community Kitchen Gardens...