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April gardening tips, trees shrubs climbers.

April gardening tips, trees shrubs climbers. Plant and move evergreen shrubs, conifers and trees and remember to water them well until firmly rooted in. Plant evergreen hedges such as laurel, yew and box and again keep them well watered in dry spells. A good soak once a week is better than superficial watering on a […]

rspd dead wood habitat

Save money and help biodiversity – Dead wood wildlife habitats.

Make dead wood wildlife habitats We’ve lost lots of mature trees and dead wood from our environment. Even when they’re dead, trees are really valuable to many bug and fungi species which rely on them for food and shelter. Bigger creatures like to hide among them, too. By creating a log-pile in your garden, you […]

logs and wood for dead wood wildlife habitats – London Tree Surgeons

Create your own dead wood habitats – London Tree Surgeons

London Tree Surgeons can supply logs (normally free of charge) to make a wildlife habitat and help you become a wildlife gardener. If you need convincing that a dead wood habitat in your London garden is a good thing, follow the link below. https://www.buglife.org.uk/activities-for-you/wildlife-gardening/create-your-own-dead-wood-habitats Saving the small things that run the planet The wood supplied is known as course […]