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Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko

Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko

Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko Trees & Shrubs – Flowering Trees & Shrubs – Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko Prunus ‘Umineko’ is a cultivar of Prunus incisa or Fuji cherry crossed with Prunus speciosa or the Oshima cherry. Featured as a street tree in Haringey London. The young examples here look tidy and uniform, well suited as […]

Lawson’s cypresss – Chamaecyparis lawsoniana – foliage detail

Tree Pollen Calendar – UK

Tree pollen calendar, showing pollen release periods for commonly found trees in the UK. Including; Hazel, Yew, Alder, Elm, Willow, Poplar, Birch, Ash, Plane, Oak, Pine and Lime. Also weed pollen and grass pollen release periods and peak release periods. Different types of pollen are released throughout the year which can generate hay fever and other […]

Lime pleaching in progress – All Saints Church, Highgate North London

Lime tree pleaching London tree surgeons

Lime tree pleaching London tree surgeons – Job Profile Pleaching or plashing is a technique of interweaving living and dead branches through a hedge for stock control. Trees are planted in lines, the branches are woven together to strengthen and fill any weak spots until the hedge thickens. Branches in close contact may grow together, due […]

The Guelder Rose (Viburnum opulus) – fruits-guelder-rose LondonTreeSurgeons

Guelder Rose – Viburnum opulus

Guelder Rose – Viburnum opulus added to Trees & Shrubs Viburnum opulus (common name guelder-rose) is a species of flowering plant in the family Adoxaceae (formerly Caprifoliaceae) native to Europe, northern Africa and central Asia The common name ‘guelder rose’ relates to the Dutch province of Gelderland, where a popular cultivar, the snowball tree, supposedly […]