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Haringey, Harringay, Green Lanes, Ladders, West Green Road, based tree surgeon. Local reputable tree surgeon covering the borough with long track record of local service. Part of “LondonTreeSurgeons Group” so we have the back up when we need it.

What is ARBORICULTURE? Arboriculture meaning, definition & explanation.

What is ARBORICULTURE? What does ARBORICULTURE mean? ARBORICULTURE meaning, definition & explanation.
Arboriculture is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.
The science of arboriculture studies how these plants grow and respond to cultural practices and to their environment. The practice of arboriculture includes cultural techniques such as selection, planting, training, fertilization, pest and pathogen control, pruning, shaping, and removal. A person who practices or studies arboriculture can be termed an 'arborist' or an 'arboriculturist'. A 'tree surgeon' is more typically someone who is trained in the physical maintenance and manipulation of trees and therefore more a part of the arboriculture process rather than an arborist. Risk management, legal issues, and aesthetic considerations have come to play prominent roles in the practice of arboriculture. Businesses often need to hire arboriculturists to complete "tree hazard surveys" and generally manage the trees on-site to fulfill occupational safety and health obligations. Arboriculture is primarily focused...

Woodside Park: Sensory Garden, Haringey – London Tree Surgeons

Job Profile; Woodside Park: Sensory Garden, Haringey - London Tree Surgeons The works aim to update the existing garden making it more open and welcoming with new sensory planting and surfacing. A central tree will provide a focal point for the space. [caption id="attachment_3341" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Woodside Park: Sensory Garden, Haringey - London Tree Surgeons Woodside Park: Sensory Garden, Haringey - London Tree Surgeons[/caption] This phase of the project involved the clearing of the undergrowth and felling of overgrown conifers. [gallery type="slideshow" size="large" ids="3344,3345,3346,3347,3348,3349,3350,3351,3352,3353,3364"]...

Cherry Trees – Prunus Umineko

Cherry Trees - Prunus Umineko

Trees & Shrubs - Flowering Trees & Shrubs - Cherry Trees - Prunus Umineko Prunus 'Umineko' is a cultivar of Prunus incisa or Fuji cherry crossed with Prunus speciosa or the Oshima cherry. Featured as a street tree in Haringey London. The young examples here look tidy and uniform, well suited as a street tree. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3327,3328,3329,3330,3331,3332,3333"] Images taken 05/05/2016 LondonTreeSurgeons Haringey. There is nothing on Wikipedia on Prunus 'Umineko' everything on it's "parents" is below.

Prunus incisa

Prunus incisa, the Fuji cherry, gets its scientific name from the deep incisions on the leaves. A dainty slow-growing, early white-flowering cherry, it is a century-old cultigen from Hondo, Japan. It is highly regarded as an ornamental but the wood has no industrial value. It is hardy to -20°C. It is in the ornamental section Pseudocerasus of the cherry subgenus Cerasus of the Prunus genus. Ma et al. classified it in a group with Prunus nipponica.

Prunus speciosa

Prunus speciosa, the Oshima cherry, Japanese オオシマザクラ (Oshima...

Telling tree stories #TreeCharter

Telling tree stories. National Trust Press Office. A new campaign launched today is calling on people to share their stories of why trees and woods matter to them. The stories will be collected together in a Charter for Trees, Woods and People and published in November 2017, 800 years after the original Charter of the Forests was signed by Henry III, restoring people’s rights of access to the Royal Forests. The National Trust is one of 43 organisations involved in the campaign, led by the Woodland Trust. Telling tree stories #TreeCharter is supported by LondonTreeSurgeons on our social media, help spread the word - The environment, trees and the big picture! Source: Telling tree stories...