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First Aid

Lantra First Aid at Work

Lantra Emergency First Aid at Work

Arboriculture Professional

  • Chainsaw

Level 2 Award in Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting (CS30) Level 2 Award in Tree Felling and Processing (up to 380mm) (CS31) Level 2 Award in Ground Based Chainsaw Operations (CS30/31)Level 3 Award in Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm (CS32) Level 2 Award in Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue (CS38) Level 2 Award in Safe Use of a Powered Pole Pruner Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Level 3 Award in the Safe Use of a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (QCF) Level 2 Award in Accessing a Tree with a Rope and Harness Level 3 Award in Aerial Cutting of Trees using Free-Fall Techniques (CS39) Level 3 Award in Aerial Tree Pruning (CS40) Level 3 Award in Aerial Rigging (CS41) Level 3 Award in Aerial Tree Pruning and Rigging (CS40/41) Lantra ITA Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-Cutting and Basic Felling

  • Forestry machinery

Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of Brush-cutters and Trimmers Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of a manually Fed Wood-Chipper Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of a Forestry Clearing Saw

  • Tree Inspection

Lantra Tree Survey and Inspection Lantra Professional Tree Inspection

Horticulture Professional

Pesticides Application PA1/PA6A/PA6AW NPTC Safe Use of Pedestrian Mowers NTPC Safe Use of Ride On Mowers NPTC Safe Use of Hedgetrimmers NPTC Compact Tractor Driving and Related Operations

Both chainsaw units and horticultural professional short courses are now to be replaced by QCF (Qualification Credit Framework).

The major change is the way the course is now assessed.

The new chainsaws awards explained  The CS units offered by NPTC are now to be replaced by QCF (Qualification and Credit Framework) units which meet the recently revised NOS (National Occupational Standards). In future Lantra Awards and City and Guilds (NPTC) will offer the same QCF qualification.
What are the changes?
As an example what was formerly known as CS 30 is now QCF Level 2 Award in Chainsaw Maintenance and Crosscutting. CS 31 is now QCF Level 2 Award in Felling and Processing trees up to 380mm. People passing these assessments will get a ‘licence to practice’, which replaces the ‘certificate of competence’.
In reality, the qualifications will remain very similar to the old CS units with some slight changes to keep in line with current best practice.
The biggest change is that now Lantra awards and NPTC will be offering training and assessment.
This may mean little change as most assessors are both NPTC and Lantra qualified.
Another important aspect to this change is that now qualifications are offered in a combination of independent assessment and integrated assessment.
Independent/integrated assessment:
Independent assessment is the version we are all familiar with: I.e. a Lantra training course followed by an NPTC assessment at another time. The assessment would be completed by an independent assessor who was not part of the training.
Integrated assessment means that your trainer can assess you at some point in the training course. This could be ongoing during the training course (the point of assessment must be made clear to the candidate), or could be a separate activity.
What are the benefits?
Integrated assessment may reduce costs as assessment will be carried out at the same time as training.
Table 1. Forestry and Arboricultural qualifications
Existing provision shown in grey, beneath which the new equivalent QCF Qualification  title (Licence to practice) is provided.

Assessment  type
Cs30 Maintain and operate the chainsaw Independent
Level 2 Award in chainsaw maintenance  ITA*
Level 2 Award in cross cut timber using a chainsaw   Independent
Level 2 Award in chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting  Independent
Cs31 Fell and process small trees  Independent
Level 2 Award in felling and processing trees up to 380mm Independent
Cs32 Fell and process trees over 380mm Independent
Level 3 Award in felling and processing trees over 380mm ITA
Cs34 Sever individually uprooted trees, Cs35 Sever multiple windblown trees Independent
Level 3 Award in severing uprooted or windblown trees using a chainsaw  Independent
Cs38 Climb trees and perform aerial rescue  Independent
Level 2 Award in accessing a tree using a rope and harness Independent
Level 3 Award in Aerial Tree Rescue Operations  Independent
Cs39 Operate a chainsaw from a rope and harness Independent
Level 3 Award in aerial cutting of trees with a chainsaw using free fall techniques Independent
Cs40 Carry out pruning operations   Independent
Level 3 Award in aerial tree pruning   ITA
Cs41 Undertake sectional felling operations Independent
Level 3 Award in aerial tree rigging   Independent
Cs45 Arboricultural ground worker   Independent
Level 2 Award in supporting colleagues undertaking off ground tree related operations ITA
Cs47 Safe use of a chainsaw from a mobile elevated work platform Independent
Level 3 Award in use of a chainsaw from a mobile elevated work platform Independent
Cs48 Use of powered pole pruners   Independent
Level 2 Award in using a powered pole pruner  ITA
Cs50 Techniques for dealing with damaged trees Independent
Level 3 Award in emergency treework operations Independent
Thorough examination of arboricultural equipment (LOLER) Independent
Level 4 Award in thorough examination of arboricultural lifting equipment ITA
*Integrated Training and Assessment / Integrated Assessment