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International day of forests March 21st 2017

International day of forests March 21st 2017 - playlist #InternationalDayOfForests #trees #treenews #loveforests The International Day of Forests was established on the 21st day of March, by resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on November 28, 2012.
Each year, various events celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests, and trees outside forests, for the benefit of current and future generations. Countries are encouraged to undertake efforts to organize local, national, and international activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns, on International Day of Forests. un The Secretariat of the United Nations Forum on Forests, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization, facilitates the implementation of such events in collaboration with governments, the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, and international, regional and sub-regional organizations. IDFBANNER_EN...

Highgate Woods London – First recorded Leopard Moth – Zeuzera pyrina

First recorded Leopard Moth - Zeuzera pyrina

The first recorded Wood Leopard Moth, Zeuzera pyrina, has been made in Highgate Woods in North West London. Native to the UK it is only common in the South but never before in Highgate Woods and it's natural reintroduction is a sign of increased biodiversity in London. The larvae feed on the wood of a wide variety of deciduous trees and the "Highgate" Leopard Moth was discovered in the heart wood of an Ash log having entered through decayed outer wood suggesting healthy trees are not the preferred choice.

Recorded food species of Wood Leopard Moth (Wikipedia)

  • Acer
  • Aesculus
  • Amelanchier
  • Broussonetia
  • Carya
  • Castanea
  • Celtis
  • Ceratonia
  • Cotoneaster
  • ...

    National Tree Week 2016 – Virtual Issue – #NationalTreeWeek

    National Tree Week 2016 – Virtual Issue

    This week is National Tree Week! First celebrated in 1975, National Tree Week is the UK’s largest tree celebration. Each year, The Tree Council’s member organisations including voluntary bodies and local authorities, up to 200 schools and community groups, 8000 Tree Wardens and many others, support the initiative by setting up fun, worthwhile and accessible events, inspiring upward of a quarter of a million people to get their hands dirty and together plant around a million trees. The theme of this year’s event is encouraging everyone to consider how they can change views for the better by planting and celebrating trees. Across the country, views of the landscape are changing for the worse as more and more trees fall victim to invasive pests and diseases. National Tree Week provides communities with the impetus to fight...

    Rewilding – Pine Martens could help save Red Squirrels

    Rewilding - Pine Martens could help save Red Squirrels

    New video for a new playlist! The European pine marten (Martes martes), known most commonly as the pine marten in Britain, and less commonly also known as pineten, baum marten, or sweet marten, is an animal native to Brirain and Northern Europe belonging to the mustelid family, which also includes mink, otter, badger, wolverine and weasel. Rewilding is large-scale conservation aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas, providing connectivity between such areas, and protecting or reintroducing apex predators and keystone species. Rewilding projects may require ecological restoration or wilderness engineering, particularly to restore connectivity between fragmented protected areas, and reintroduction of predators where extirpated. Cover image Rewilding Britain ‏@RewildingB ...

    Free stuff – garden gravel – pea flint, used before – Islington North London

    Free stuff - garden gravel - pea flint, used before. Islington North London. Approx' 2 dozen half filled bags of used "pea flint garden gravel" free to a good home after customers garden re-design. Transport required and labour as bags are in back garden. Contact Stuart 07876 489516 [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" link="none" ids="3621,3622,3623"]...