Gardening tips for March – London Tree Surgeons

Frosts can still be a hazard, so keep vulnerable saplings and plants protected at night if a frost is forecast.

March winds are also unpredictable if planning tree work.

Weather permitting, this is the start of the planting season, from grass seed to shrubs.

You can check out the weather for London daily at London Tree Surgeons weather forecast.

Tree & Shrub work in the garden for March.

Remove frost damaged branches and deadwood from the winter. Pruning where necessary.

Prune fruit trees and bushes.

Cut back Cornus (dogwood) and Salix (willow) if growing for colourful winter stems.

Hard prune any old hedges before birds start to nest.

Prune your repeat-flowering roses and remove dead or  frost damaged wood

  • If weather is mild, plant out hardy seedlings, new  plants and any plants needing a move, new trees, hedges, climbers, roses, fruit trees, for example, apple and cherry.

Prune large-flowered clematis.

If you grow Eucalyptus for its’ blue foliage, it should be cut back hard now. The golden Catalpa and purple Cotinus can be cut back hard too in March.


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